Xyz: XYZ

Xyz: XYZ
Title: XYZ
Label: Music on CD

CD reissue. XYZ is the eponymous debut of the Hollywood-based metal band. Don Dokken produced this album and, like the band Dokken, XYZ plays straight forward, radio friendly 1980s metal, although their music is heavier than Dokken's. Originally released in 1989 this is a fine example of the kind of rock which was coming out of Los Angeles at that time. XYZ's self-titled debut album, is almost perfect in every facet. These guys were the real deal. They had the look, they wrote and played killer songs, and they were an incredible live band. None of the songs are weak and they're all performed with incredible energy, even the ballads. It´s a shame that XYZ came at the tail end of the hair-metal movement, cause they could be have been at least as famous as Dokken.

1.1 Maggy
1.2 Inside Out
1.3 What Keeps Me Loving You
1.4 Take What You Can
1.5 Follow the Night
1.6 Come on N' Love Me
1.7 Souvenirs
1.8 Tied Up
1.9 Nice Day to Die
1.10 After the Rain

Xyz: XYZ

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