Wilco: Being There

Wilco: Being There
Title: Being There
Label: Nonesuch
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double 180-gram vinyl LP set with CD. "Being There" is Wilco's second effort, and it's a masterful collection rightly carrying forward the magic of their debut. Singer-songwriter Jeff Tweedy seems fascinated by the prospect of tracing back their genre's beginnings. There's 19 ambitious songs here: "Misunderstood" is a powerful love affair with psychedelia; "I Got You (At the End of the Century" is power pop; "Someone Else's Song" seems influenced by The Beatles, while "Monday" is tangy R&B. Even given these influences, though, the record remarkably manages to avoid clichés. Tradition is packed with twists and turns here, and the critical reaction to the album-The Independent compared it to The Rolling Stones' "Exile On The Main Street"-was favorable, and justified in being so.

1.1 Misunderstood
1.2 Forget the Flowers
1.3 I Got You (At the End of the Century)
1.4 Red Eyed and Blue
1.5 Was I in Your Dreams
1.6 Dreamer in My Dreams
1.7 Lonely One
1.8 Why Would You Wanna Live
1.9 Kingpin
1.10 Someone Else's Song
1.11 Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
1.12 Someday Soon
1.13 Sunken Treasure
1.14 Say You Miss Me
1.15 Hotel Arizona
1.16 What's the World Got in Store
1.17 Far Far Away
1.18 Monday
2.9 Dreamer in My Dreams
3.1 Misunderstood
3.2 Far, Far Away
3.3 Monday
3.4 Outtasite
3.5 Forget the Flowers
3.6 Red-Eyed and Blue
3.7 I Got You
3.8 What's the World Got in Store
3.9 Hotel Arizona
3.10 Say You Miss Me
3.11 Sunken Treasure
3.12 Someday Soon
3.13 Outta Mind
3.14 Someone Else's Song
3.15 Kingpin
3.16 (Was I) in Your Dreams
3.17 Why Would You Wanna Live
3.18 The Lonely 1
3.19 Dreamer in My Dreams

Wilco: Being There

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