Neil, Vince: Exposed

Vince Neil: Exposed
Title: Exposed
Label: Music on CD

CD reissue. Exposed is the 1993 debut solo album from Mötley Crüe front man Vince Neil. Many great singers in the past, who eventually decided to go solo, seem to get lost and losing their focus on the final product. Not Vince Neil with his solo debut Exposed. Together with Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens who get that bluesy, yet very hard edged sound, they are an excellent combo. With producer Ron Nevison (The Who, Bad Company) they deliver a topnotch album which kicks off with the fantastic "Look In Her Eyes," fast with a great hook, and a beautiful long intricate solo. The album closes with the power-balled "Forever."

1.1 Look in Her Eyes
1.2 Sister of Pain
1.3 Can't Have Your Cake
1.4 Fine, Fine Wine
1.5 The Edge
1.6 Can't Change Me
1.7 Set Me Free
1.8 Living Is a Luxury
1.9 You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come)
1.10 Gettin' Hard
1.11 Forever

Neil, Vince: Exposed

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