Rodrigo D. No Futuro / Various: Rodrigo D. No Futuro

Various Artists: Rodrigo D. No Futuro
Title: Rodrigo D. No Futuro
Artist: Rodrigo D. No Futuro / Various
Label: Beat Generation
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 8435008884093
Genre: Rock

Medellin, Colombia. Mid-1980s. The city was immersed in an everyday war ritual. Police, narcs, gangs ruled the streets without fear of death. Young people had very few chances to live free from this stuff, so most of them fell into this war against everything, as the easy thing to do. A massive exodus from small villages filled cities with people to deceive. It was in the midst of this absolute chaos and destruction that the first Punk and Metal bands of the region started to try to make something different. Everything was against them; society, family, police, government. Handmade guitars, amplifiers, drums - anything would work. Pestes, Mutantex, P-Ne, Amen, Ekrion, Agressor, Parabellum, Blasfemia, Profanacion, Dexkoncierto, and Mierda appeared in the city and built this scene. Rodrigo D. No Futuro is a 1990 film with these same bands, and this is the first vinyl reissue of it's soundtrack; original copies are expensive as hell. Replica cover and insert with lots of info. 180-gram vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

1.1 Dinero - Pestes
1.2 Nunca Triunfé - Pestes
1.3 No-No - Pestes
1.4 Sin Reacción - Mutantex
1.5 Ramera Del Barrio - Mutantex
1.6 Estúpidas Miradas - Mutantex
1.7 No Te Desanimes Mátate - Mutantex
1.8 No Mas Clases - P-Ne
1.9 Sala Negra - Amén
1.10 Violentas Arenas - Ekrion
1.11 Poseido - Agressor
1.12 Profanación - Profanación
1.13 Tu Futuro Es Muerte - Dexkoncierto
1.14 Postmortem - Blasfemia
1.15 Sucias Entrañas - Mierda

Rodrigo D. No Futuro / Various: Rodrigo D. No Futuro

Product-type:VINYL LP

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