Colour My World:Songs of Tony Hatch / Various: Colour My World: Songs of Tony Hatch / Various

Various Artists: Colour My World: Songs of Tony Hatch / Various
Title: Colour My World: Songs of Tony Hatch / Various
Artist: Colour My World:Songs of Tony Hatch / Various
Label: Ace
UPC: 029667059428
Genre: Rock

2014 collection. 'Downtown', 'Call Me', 'Joanna', 'Sugar And Spice', 'You're the One', 'Where Are You Now', 'A Sign of the Times', 'Colour My World'... There is no prize for knowing these songs were all penned by Tony Hatch, the subject of the latest release in Ace's highly rated Songwriters series. Hatch is the first UK songwriter to feature in the series, a sign of the high regard in which he is held by our in-house compilers. The British Bacharach, they called him. While Bacharach had Dionne Warwick, Hatch's muse was Petula Clark. And like his celebrated US contemporary, Hatch also excelled as a producer, arranger and recording artist in his own right. Already established as a hit-maker in Europe, with 'Downtown' Petula Clark became a star in the USA and Hatch's renown spread across the Atlantic. Throughout the 60s, Hatch was under contract to the UK's Pye label, the source of over half the tracks here. For added variety, our collection also features a number of recordings by American artists.

1.1 Colour My World - Petula Clark
1.2 A Step in the Right Direction - the Montanas
1.3 You're the One - the Vogues
1.4 Call Me - Chris Montez
1.5 That's How It Goes - the Breakaways
1.6 A Sign of the Times - Petula Clark
1.7 Sounds of the 70S - Tony Hatch ; the Satin Brass
1.8 I Know a Place - Sarah Vaughan
1.9 Heart - the Remains
1.10 You've Got to Be Loved - the Montanas
1.11 Love Is Me, Love Is You - Connie Francis
1.12 Who Am I - Petula Clark
1.13 Love Found a Way to My Heart - the Sands of Time
1.14 Where Are You Now - Jackie Trent
1.15 If You Ever Leave Me - Jack Jones
1.16 Joanna - Scott Walker
1.17 Lonely Without You - Julie Grant
1.18 Downtown - Petula Clark
1.19 7.10 from Suburbia - Jackie Trent
1.20 Man Alive - the Tony Hatch Sound
1.21 I Love the Little Things - Matt Monro
1.22 Look for a Star - Garry Mills
1.23 Forget Him - Bobby Rydell
1.24 Sugar and Spice - the Searchers
1.25 Sportsnight - the Tony Hatch Orchestra

Colour My World:Songs of Tony Hatch / Various: Colour My World: Songs of Tony Hatch / Various


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