Bunny Lee's Kingston Flying Cymbals: Dub / Var: Bunny Lee's Kingston Flying Cymbals: Dub

Various Artists: Bunny Lee&
Title: Bunny Lee's Kingston Flying Cymbals: Dub
Artist: Bunny Lee's Kingston Flying Cymbals: Dub / Var
Label: Jamaican Recordings
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 5060135761851
Genre: International

Bunny Lee's flying cymbals or flyers rhythms dominated the dancehalls and the charts in 1974 and 1975. The style, based on Philadelphia disco and featuring the sound of an open and closed hi-hat, was not necessarily novel, but Lee's use of a number of different elements most certainly was. Johnny Clarke's 1975 interpretation of Earl Zero's None Shall Escape the Judgment opened the floodgates for the flyers style. The story had begun the previous year with Lowell Sly Dunbar: Sly played the flying cymbals first... I said to Sly, 'You played it on the Delroy Wilson tune for Channel One named 'It's a Shame' and Sly played it before that with Skin, Flesh & Bones on 'Here I Am Baby (Come and Take Me),' the Al Green tune... with the 'tsk, tsk, tsk' sound on the hi-hat, I named it flyers, but they didn't know what flyers was! -Lee. Before too long, every tune we put out we put the rhythm behind it, and every Kingston producer followed suit with their own variations of Striker's flying cymbals rhythms... CD includes four bonus tracks.

1.1 01. This a Best Version
1.2 02. Believe in Dub
1.3 03. Botheration Dub
1.4 04. Feel So Good Dub
1.5 05. General Dub
1.6 06. Get Ready for Master Dub
1.7 07. a Moving Version
1.8 08. God Father Dub
1.9 09. Behold Dis Ya Dub of Class
1.10 10. Sunny Dub
1.11 11. Judah Dub
1.12 12. Another Version
1.13 13. Talkative Dub
1.14 14. Revenge of the Flying Cymbals
1.15 15. Dub Magnificant*
1.16 16. Dub from the Roots*
1.17 17. a Closer Dub*
1.18 18. Dub You Can Feel*

Bunny Lee's Kingston Flying Cymbals: Dub / Var: Bunny Lee's Kingston Flying Cymbals: Dub

Product-type:VINYL LP

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