Mauro, Turk: Parisian Jazz Party

Turk Mauro: Parisian Jazz Party
Title: Parisian Jazz Party
Label: Soul Kid Jazz

In 1991 Tenor and Baritone saxophonist Turk Mauro was living in Paris, France, trying his luck as the classic expatriate American Jazz Man. From what I understand, he had some epic times out that way, and at least 3 recordings document his Parisian adventures, at least musically speaking. The third of these was a sort of an "in-studio" Jazz Party Turk entitled "Jazz Party", which we have updated for specificity, to Parisian Jazz Party. This release was only distributed on a very small scale, and never really made it into the digital age. But, this is one of our goals at Soul Kid Jazz, to bring you some classic work you may have otherwise missed entirely. This great music needs to be heard in 2020 and beyond. Featured on this release along with Mauro, are of course his expert, swinging drummer Ron Turso, who is in fine form as always. French musicians round out the group: Alain Jean Marie holds it down on piano, and Michel Gaudry is on bass. One highlight is the leader's effervescent vocals on the blues number, Roll 'em Pete. Parisian Jazz Party is once again that positively swinging, traight-ahead, party feeling from Pizza and Beer in the studio, when it really is a celebratory vibe between good friends. This feeling is very much a part of Jazz Culture, and we are proud to bring it into the 2000's for you with this release. Joey "G-Clef" Cavaseno, October 4th, 2020

1.1 Secret Love
1.2 My Romance
1.3 Until It's Time for You to Go
1.4 Roll 'Em Pete
1.5 Stardust
1.6 Softly As in a Morning Sunrise
1.7 It Might As Well Be Spring
1.8 Happy Birthday

Mauro, Turk: Parisian Jazz Party

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