Teenagers: Reality Check

The Teenagers: Reality Check
Title: Reality Check
Label: M

Consisting of three lovely French 20-something's, lead singer Quentin Delafon, guitarist / synthesizer man Dorian Dumont and bassist Michael Szpiner, The Teenagers are a band that could have only come from Paris. Their sound is built around a backbone of golden pop melodies, with a penchant for leftfield visioning - all enveloped in a sardonic wit and lingering Sofia Coppola soft focus. They are easily one of the most intriguing and unique musical properties to tease US in 2007. While the trio left their teenage years a few years ago, adolescence is a concept that cuts to the core of the group. They're in love with the idea of the dreamy teen, inspired by sunset walks through the park, clogging up shopping malls for no good reason, holding hands, and stolen kisses in the cinema.

1.1 Homecoming
1.2 Love No
1.3 Feeling Better
1.4 Starlett Johansson
1.5 Streets of Paris
1.6 Make It Happen
1.7 Wheel of Fortune
1.8 Fuck Nicole
1.9 French Kiss
1.10 Sunset Beach
1.11 III
1.12 End of the Road
1.13 Trouble
1.14 Starlett Johansson [Rory Phillips Mix]

Teenagers: Reality Check

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