Red Army Choir: Popular Music from Russia

The Red Army Choir: Popular Music from Russia
Title: Popular Music from Russia
Artist: Red Army Choir
Label: Arc Music
UPC: 5019396251823
Genre: International

1.1 Moon Is Shining [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.2 Oh Balalaika
1.3 Eï Oukniem [Volga Boatman]
1.4 Legend of the Twelve Robbers
1.5 Tabor
1.6 Muzhik Pashenku Pakhal
1.7 Turka [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.8 About Prayer
1.9 Vsiega Z'gitaroi
1.10 Oriental Dance
1.11 Varsha Vijanka
1.12 Poliushko Polye
1.13 Kai Yone
1.14 Akh Ti Berioza [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.15 Vecherni Tvoeya
1.16 Kolechko
1.17 Saratov's Melodies [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.18 Shol Ya Yarom, Shol Ya Nizom
1.19 Russian Polka
1.20 About Life
1.21 Suliko
1.22 Yablochki [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
1.23 Zavidochka
1.24 In a Dark Wood
1.25 Slava Otsu
1.26 Quadrille [Instrumental] [Instrumental]

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Red Army Choir: Popular Music from Russia


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