Icarus Line: Slave Vows

The Icarus Line: Slave Vows
Title: Slave Vows
Label: Agitated Records

2013 album from Los Angeles hellions The Icarus Line. Slave Vows, is quite possibly their best yet. A fearsome, vitriolic Rock 'n' Roll outpouring of Stoogian glory, the album draws on the fury of Mono, the fire of Penance Soirée and the swagger of Black Lives at the Golden Coast and Wildlife. In one fell swoop, the band evokes the spirit of Funhouse, Everything Went Black, Goats Head Soup and Maggot Brain. This is not for the faint of heart! Slave Vows features new drummer Ben Hallett and original bassist Lance Arnao, the tightest rhythm section in the group's history, underpinning the white-hot guitar flow from frontman Joe Cardamone. Some of these songs were blooded on the group's 2012 European tour supporting Killing Joke. The Icarus Line is pure Rock 'n' Roll hellfire, ebbing and flowing, slashing and burning, cauterizing anything that stands in it's way.

1.1 Dark Circles
1.2 Don't Let Me Save Your Soul
1.3 Marathon Man
1.4 Dead Body
1.5 No Money Music
1.6 City Job
1.7 Laying Down for the Man
1.8 Rats Ass

Icarus Line: Slave Vows

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