Gufs: Gufs

The Gufs: Gufs
Title: Gufs
Artist: Gufs
Label: Atlantic
UPC: 075678288326
Genre: Alternative Rock

Last year, The Gufs' indie track "Crash (Into Me)" was in rotation at Milwaukee's WLUM-FM, mirroring the launch of Collective Soul and Seven Mary Three. It quickly became a most-requested track and eventually was crowned the station's #2 song for 1995. The band has released 4 LPs on their own label, with total sales of over 25,000 units in the Midwest alone. Now comes a new batch of songs and their debut Atlantic release, featuring the emphasis track "Smile" and "Crash (Into Me)," slated as the first single and video.

1.1 Smile
1.2 Lost Along the Way
1.3 Sunday Driver
1.4 Crash (Into Me)
1.5 Out Somehow
1.6 Wasting Time
1.7 Listen to the Trees
1.8 Life's Sweet Sound
1.9 Die Away from You
1.10 Let Her Go
1.11 Loser's Love Song
1.12 Fear Me Now
1.13 So Easily

Gufs: Gufs


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