Dodos: Vister

The Dodos: Vister
Title: Vister
Artist: Dodos
Label: Wichita
UPC: 5055036261708
Genre: Indie Rock/Pop

'Visiter' is the second album from San Franciscan duo The Dodos, but their first to be officially released in the UK. Formed by songwriter and guitarist Meric Long under the original name Dodobird, Long was joined by keen experimental drummer Logan Kroeber to fully realise his original songs. 'Visiter' sees the duo deliver an album of psych pop folk nuggetswhich has earned them comparisons to the likes of Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective and Panda Bear.

1.1 Walking
1.2 Red and Purple
1.3 Eyelids
1.4 Fools
1.5 Joe's Waltz
1.6 Winter
1.7 It's That Time Again
1.8 Paint the Rust
1.9 Park Song
1.10 Jodi
1.11 Ashley
1.12 Season
1.13 Undeclared
1.14 God?

Dodos: Vister


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