Circle Jerks: Wonderful

The Circle Jerks: Wonderful
Title: Wonderful
Artist: Circle Jerks
Label: Porterhouse
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 643777200916
Genre: Punk

Reissue of their 4th studio album, originally released in 1985. The vinyl has been unavailable for 18 years, and is now remastered and packaged exactly as the original release, including the original inner lyric sheet. 180 gram vinyl. (Previously deleted:8/1/15. Original release date:8/9/13)

1.1 Wonderful
1.2 Firebaugh
1.3 Making the Bombs
1.4 Mrs. Jones
1.5 Dude
1.6 American Heavy Metal Weekend
1.7 I, I ; I
1.8 The Crowd
1.9 Killing for Jesus
1.10 Karma Stew
1.11 15 Minutes
1.12 Rock House
1.13 Another Broken Heart for Snake

Circle Jerks: Wonderful

Product-type:VINYL LP

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