Tchaikovsky / Pletnev, Mikhail: Grand Sonata In G Major & Children's Album

Tchaikovsky: Grand Sonata In G Major & Children&
Title: Grand Sonata In G Major & Children's Album
Artist: Tchaikovsky / Pletnev, Mikhail
Label: Alto
UPC: 5055354413438
Genre: Classical Artists

"Tchaikovsky wrote the Children's Album and the Op.37 Sonata at the same time, and they're so different. It amazes me that these are so little known in UK. The Children's Album is fantastic - a masterpiece. He wrote three volumes of piano music, and what of it is known here?... The trouble is, Tchaikovsky is almost always played badly! There are two wrong ways: the Russian wrong way and the Western wrong way. Most Russians make a rough sound, full of violent emotions, heart on the sleeve. Westerners often have a refinement that the Russians lack, and which is an important part of Tchaikovsky too, but it has no power." (Mikhail Pletnev).

1.1 I. Moderato E Risoluto
1.2 II. Andante Non Troppo Quasi Moderato
1.3 III. Scherzo. Allegro Giocoso
1.4 IV. Final. Allegro Vivace
1.5 I. Prière Du Matin
1.6 II. Le Matin en Hiver
1.7 III. Maman
1.8 IV. Le Petit Cavalier
1.9 V. Marche Des Soldats de Bois
1.10 VI. La Nouvelle Poupée
1.11 VII. La Poupée Malade
1.12 VIII. Enterrement de la Poupée
1.13 IX. Valse
1.14 X. Polka
1.15 XI. Mazurka
1.16 XII. Chanson Russe
1.17 XIII. Le Paysan Prelude
1.18 XIV. Chanson Populaire
1.19 XV. Chanson Italienne
1.20 XVI. Mélodie Antique Francaise
1.21 XVII. Chanson Allemande
1.22 XVIII. Chanson Napolitaine
1.23 XIX. Conte de la Vielle Bonne
1.24 XX. La Sorciere
1.25 XXI. Douce Reverie
1.26 XXII. Chant de L'alouette
1.27 XXIII. a L'église
1.28 XXIV. L'orgue de Barbarie

Tchaikovsky / Pletnev, Mikhail: Grand Sonata In G Major & Children's Album


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