Sogmusobil: Telefon

Sogmusobil: Telefon
Title: Telefon
Artist: Sogmusobil
Label: Subliminal Sounds
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 7393210134515
Genre: Rock

First ever reissue of rare, sought-after, and stoned-to-the-max Swedish underground psych/progressive/experimental treasure from 1971, originally released on the legendary Gump label and featuring the mythic underground personalities and musicians Einar Heckscher and Johnny Mowinckel. Side A is sung in English and side B in Swedish. The band name has been mixed up many times by collectors, mistaken as either Telefon Paisa (an earlier incarnation of the band) or Telefon (the album title), but this reissue sets the record straight and tells their story. Includes booklet with lots of previously unpublished photos and in-depth liner notes. Limited edition 600 copies.

1.1 A1. Arabic in the Morning
1.2 A2. Öberg
1.3 A3. Lost Identity
1.4 A4. Evinrude
1.5 A5. Speedy
1.6 A6. Chocolate Nurse
1.7 B1. Betongbarn
1.8 B2. Stålprinsessan
1.9 B3. Olle
1.10 B4. Tjackvalsen
1.11 B5. VI Ses PÅ Sergels Torg

Sogmusobil: Telefon

Product-type:VINYL LP

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