Snow Burial: Ostrava

Snow Burial: Ostrava
Title: Ostrava
Artist: Snow Burial
Label: Prosthetic Records
UPC: 656191040020
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

Doomy Chicago three-piece Snow Burial deliver their second full length album, Ostrava on Prosthetic Records. Recorded in early 2019 at Electrical Audio, Chicago with Shane Hochstetler at the helm, Ostrava maps where life's beauty and terror collide. Born from their defining experiences at home and on the road the unifying theme of Ostrava is one of duality - failure and triumph, celebration and mourning, isolation and family. Taking inspiration from the likes of Radiohead as much as any metal act; Snow Burial craft polished songs with the whirring machinery hidden just below the surface. Their blend of melody and aggression delivers a sound that dredges the depths of doom and sludge and marries it with rock 'n' roll sensibilities.

1.1 Tyranny
1.2 Sever the Bloodline
1.3 The Afterneath
1.4 Trinec
1.5 Ostrava
1.6 Gaping Wounds
1.7 Burn Down the Crown
1.8 The Lost
1.9 The Unforgiven

Snow Burial: Ostrava


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