sleepmakeswaves: Made Of Breath Only

Sleepmakeswaves: Made Of Breath Only
Title: Made Of Breath Only
Artist: sleepmakeswaves
Label: Birds Robe Records
UPC: 609224846625
Genre: Rock

2017 release from Sydney's post-rock trailblazers. During a recent reddit AMA, bassist/keyboard player Alex Wilson described the third sleepmakeswaves opus as having the "up-tempo pace and intensity" of their previous album "but there are more straight-up riffs and overall, it's angrier, sadder, and heavier."

1.1 Our Days Were Polar
1.2 Worlds Away
1.3 To Light and Then Return
1.4 Tundra
1.5 The Edge of Everything
1.6 Made of Breath Only
1.7 Into the Arms of Ghosts
1.8 Midnight Sun
1.9 Glacial
1.10 Hailstones

sleepmakeswaves: Made Of Breath Only


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