Skeem: Skeem

Skeem: Skeem
Title: Skeem
Label: Musea Records France

Neo Progressive rock is a musical style dominated by Great-Britain since the Eighties. While it's historic bands IQ and PENDRAGON keep on with their careers with a true success, numerous modern line-ups try to perpetuate this now tradition. If the Dutch and Italians were able to significantly erode this monopoly, the French are still waiting... ARRAKEEN was the sole exception to this rule and got a relative success in the early Nineties. Nowadays, Skeem goes for it again, and with great style ! Not only does it have excellent vocal lines in English (comparable to JADIS's Gary CHANDLER), but also Serge BARBARO himself performs excellent keyboards and guitar parts that can remind both of Sylvain GOUVERNAIRE and Nick BARRETT. The line-up also includes a perfect rhythm section for it, given that it's no less than that of... PRIAM !!! Do we still have to add something else ?...

1.1 Good to One Another
1.2 The Last Word
1.3 Trustworthy Man
1.4 Chrysalides
1.5 Eye of the World
1.6 Statues
1.7 What a Night
1.8 Live Fast

Skeem: Skeem

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