Seatrain: Seatrain / Marblehead Messenger

Seatrain: Seatrain / Marblehead Messenger
Title: Seatrain / Marblehead Messenger
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes on

Put Blues Project multi-instrumentalist Andy Kulberg together with roots-rock avatar Peter Rowan and you had one interesting blend of jazzy fusion and country twang. George Martin produced 1971's Marblehead Messenger!

1.1 I'm Willin'
1.2 Song of Job
1.3 Broken Morning
1.4 Home to You
1.5 Out Where the Hills
1.6 Waiting for Elijah
1.7 13 Questions
1.8 Oh My Love
1.9 Sally Goodin'
1.10 Creepin' Midnight
1.11 Orange Blossom Special
1.12 Gramercy
1.13 State of Georgia's Mind
1.14 Protestant Preacher
1.15 Lonely's Not the Only Way to Go
1.16 How Sweet Thy Song
1.17 Marblehead Messenger
1.18 London Song
1.19 Mississippi Moon
1.20 Losing All the Years
1.21 Depsair Tire

Seatrain: Seatrain / Marblehead Messenger

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