Screature: Screature

Screature: Screature
Title: Screature
Artist: Screature
Label: S-S Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 655035068015
Genre: Rock

Limited vinyl repressing of this 2013 album. California's Central Valley is a hot, dry place, with a series of small towns pretending to be cities. At the heart of the valley is Sacramento, the perfect place for a Screature to form. Born in 2008, the group spent its first three years in a woodshed. Chilled by winter winds and warped by summer heat, haunted by Rudimentary Peni, The Scientists, and the Music Machine, Screature emerged with psychedelic visions, a dark sense of humor and one hell of a howl. Screature's debut landed on a few 2013 lists. The album eventually creeped to black, but rather than letting it lie dead, S-S Records approached the band about keeping it in print. So, like all good stories, Screature rises from the dead for a second life.

1.1 All in All
1.2 Last Day
1.3 Faded Shirt
1.4 Black Light
1.5 Evp
1.6 Siren
1.7 Stairwell
1.8 Ditch
1.9 Thin Dreams
1.10 Back Seat
1.11 Exodus

Screature: Screature

Product-type:VINYL LP

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