Sky: Garden of Peace

Satyaa & Pari: Garden of Peace
Title: Garden of Peace
Label: CD Baby

Great mantras and bhajans that Satyaa use to sing for her master in India. These songs carry that special spark that ignite the fire for Truth, for Devotion, Love and Happinness. Soflty sang, the songs are very soothing and support any kind of practise like yoga, massage.... For lovers of bhajans this album should not be missed. 'Keep on Chanting, it is awesome, we use it for our Thai massage practice.' Thanks. Alexandra 'I have just received your CD 'garden of peace'and would like to express my deep gratitude and joy for this wonderful music. Satyaa's voice really touched my heart and her devotion brought tears not only into Poonjaji's eyes but also mine. I appreciate the very pure and simple style of the music, bringing joy as well as peace to the listener. I am particularly moved by the bhajan 'tumhin mere mandir' Love Marion 'I have your CD, Garden of Peace and chant with it often. The artwork is awsome.' Amy.

1.1 Jai Shiva Shankara
1.2 Hare Krishna Hare Rama
1.3 Mohobat Ki Jhooti
1.4 Jai Radha Madhav
1.5 Tumhi Mere Mandir
1.6 Shiva Shambhu
1.7 Mohe Lagi Lagan Guru
1.8 Govindam
1.9 Om Poornam

Sky: Garden of Peace

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