Holcomb, Roscoe: High Lonesome Sound

Roscoe Holcomb: High Lonesome Sound
Title: High Lonesome Sound
Label: Smithsonian Folkways

Eric Clapton himself called Roscoe his favorite country musician, and for good reason-that high lonesome sound never sounded higher or more lonesome than it did when this old-timer played. Here are 72 minutes' worth of tracks taken from three Folkways albums released in 1961, 1965 and 1975, with notes and guests Mike Seeger and John Cohen.

1.1 Moonshiner
1.2 Old Smoky
1.3 Little Birdie
1.4 House in New Orleans
1.5 Trouble in Mind
1.6 The Wandering Boy
1.7 Hook and Line
1.8 Married Life Blues
1.9 Omie Wise
1.10 Willow Tree
1.11 Boat's Up the River
1.12 In the Pines
1.13 Fox Chase
1.14 Little Gray Mule
1.15 I'm a Free Little Bird
1.16 Little Bessie
1.17 Motherless Children
1.18 Darlin Corey
1.19 Roll on Buddy
1.20 A Village Churchyard
1.21 Walk Around My Bedside

Holcomb, Roscoe: High Lonesome Sound

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