Rock Eupora: Pick At The Scab

Rock Eupora: Pick At The Scab
Title: Pick At The Scab
Label: Single Lock Records

Rock Eupora, the moniker for Mississippi-bred, Nashville-based artist Clayton Waller, has always been a heart-on-your-sleeve musical endeavor. From his earliest recordings, Waller has never been afraid to ask the big, searching questions of life. Catchy, hooky pop sensibilities have similarly been a consistent through-line in Rock Eupora's catalogue. Featuring singable, fuzzed-out guitar hooks and stuck-in-your-head-all-afternoon choruses, the discography of Rock Eupora-including three full-length albums, two EPs, and a smattering of singles to date-brings to mind Blue Album-era Weezer or the high-energy, hard-charging, harmony-laden early Beatles singles. These defining features are still present in Pick At The Scab, which was aptly named Nashville Scene's "Best Power Pop Album of 2022," and yet, something feels different. "I wanted to let the songs breathe a bit," Waller says of his mindset while writing the material that would become the songs for Pick At The Scab. "I gravitate towards writing up-beat, high energy songs, but this time around, I decided to lean back a little and let the songs speak for themselves."

1.1 I Love You Because I Want to
1.2 Intimacy
1.3 New Perspective
1.4 Nothing Ever Happens
1.5 I Will Never Be Happy
1.6 Island Intermission (Just a Taste)
1.7 Can You Feel the Weight?
1.8 I Don't Want to Feel Anything Anymore
1.9 I Would Tell You
1.10 The Accuser
1.11 Ode to My Friends

Rock Eupora: Pick At The Scab

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