Cray, Robert: Collected

Cray, Robert: Collected
Title: Collected
Label: Music on CD

In the early eighties Robert Cray was the biggest revelation in the blues since B.B. King, reaching an old and young generation with his debut album 'Who's' Been Talkin'" and his live performances in the States and Europe. In 1985 he released the album 'Showdown!' with two of his hero's: Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland. Robert Cray's compositions delivered intriguing stories about sex and infidelity with disciplined singing, songwriting, and a version of blues and soul that doesn't come from any one region, building an idiom for songs that tell with conversational directness the stories of ordinary folks. 'Collected' is a 40 years career spanning overview starting in 1980 with a grand finale with guests such as B.B. King, John Lee Hooker, Tina Turner, Eric Clapton & Joe Bonamassa.

1.1 Too Many Cooks
1.2 That's What I'll Do
1.3 Nice As a Fool Can Be
1.4 Got to Make a Comeback
1.5 Phone Booth
1.6 Change of Heart, Change of Mind
1.7 I've Supped Her Mind
1.8 I Guess I Showed Her
1.9 Smoking Gun
1.10 Right Next Door (Because of Me)
1.11 Foul Play
1.12 More Than I Can Stand
1.13 Nothin' But a Woman
1.14 Night Patrol
1.15 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
1.16 Acting This Way
1.17 Don't You Even Care
1.18 The Forecast (Calls for Pain)
1.19 Bouncin' Back
1.20 Consequences
2.1 Just a Loser
2.2 I Was Warned
2.3 The Price I Pay
2.4 Some Pain, Some Shame
2.5 1040 Blues
2.6 Moan
2.7 I Can't Quit
2.8 Do That for Me
2.9 24-7 Man (Rock Mix)
2.10 Pardon
2.11 Love Sickness
2.12 Baby's Arms
2.13 Times Makes Two
2.14 Poor Johnny
2.15 Trouble and Pain
2.16 Great Big Old House
3.1 A Memo
3.2 You Move Me
3.3 Fine Yesterday
3.4 Nobody's Fault But Me
3.5 The Same Love That Make Me Laugh
3.6 I Don't Care
3.7 She's Into Something (Collins, Cray ; Copeland)
3.8 Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Live) (With Chuck Berry)
3.9 634-5789 (Live) (With Tina Turner)
3.10 Baby Lee (With John Lee Hooker)
3.11 Mr. Lucky (With Johhn Lee Hooker)
3.12 Playin' with My Friends (With B.B. King)
3.13 Rumors (With the Memphis Horns)
3.14 Love Struck Baby (Live)
3.15 Give Me One Reason (With Joe Bonamassa)
3.16 Crossroads (Live) (With Eric Clapton)
3.17 Phone Booth (Live)
3.18 Back at the Chicken Shack (Live)

Cray, Robert: Collected

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