Rinaldi / Simonacci: Lungo Il Viale

Rinaldi / Simonacci: Lungo Il Viale
Title: Lungo Il Viale
Label: Urania

This new release showcases the romantic heart, keen mind, and original style of a composer walking Lungo il viale, towards the twentieth century. While his namesake and grandson is more remembered today for his impact on music (Nino Rota), the senior Giovanni Rinaldi was also a formidable composer. He composed exclusively for piano, and strayed from the normal writing styles for the instrument. He never wrote any sonatas, themes and variations, or large-scale concert works. Rather, he focused on short, strongly characterized compositions. He believed in music as a direct expression of emotion rather than a display of abstract principles. Here, his piano works are performed by pianist David Simonacci.


Rinaldi / Simonacci: Lungo Il Viale

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