Prokofiev Edition: Prokofiev Edition

Prokofiev Edition: Prokofiev Edition
Title: Prokofiev Edition
Artist: Prokofiev Edition
Label: Warner Classics
UPC: 190296262715
Genre: Classical Artists

Regarded as one of the major composers of the 20th century, Prokofiev was both an innovator who delighted in controversy and a traditionalist seeking out purer melodies and classical forms. His masterpieces across numerous music genres include such widely heard pieces as the exhilarating Romeo and Juliet (ballet), the irresistible Peter and the Wolf (children's tale), the epic Alexander Nevsky (Eisenstein's eponymous film score), and his thrilling third Piano Concerto (now a staple piece of repertoire performed on stages around the world), among so many others. A rich anthology of landmark interpretations, showcasing Prokofiev as a pianist, this edition vividly illustrates the goal he set himself as a composer: to "extol human life and lead mankind to a radiant future".


Prokofiev Edition: Prokofiev Edition


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