Pilgrimage: Sigil Of The Pilgrim Sun

Pilgrimage: Sigil Of The Pilgrim Sun
Title: Sigil Of The Pilgrim Sun
Artist: Pilgrimage
Label: Sleaszy Rider
UPC: 5200328701923
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

Doom Death Metal. International collaboration with members from Malta & The Netherlands. Pilgrimage is a new project feat. Sean Pollaco (ex- Weeping Silence), Eric Hazebroek (Vetrar Draugurinn, Ditch, ex- Stream Of Passion), Dino Mifsud Lepre (Victims Of Creation) and Dario Pace Taliana (Weeping Silence). Special guest vocals (and artwork also designed) by Daniel Neagoe of Clouds! Band's first live appearance was at Metal Gates festival in Bucharest, Romania, October 2019. Then they signed with Sleaszy Rider and they prepared their debut album "Sigil Of The Pilgrim Sun" that we will release on 5 November 2021.

1.1 The Pilgrim
1.2 Voyage to the End of Time
1.3 Dream Rivers Lachrymose
1.4 Through the Well of Starlight
1.5 She Who Wakes from Slumber
1.6 Silent Descent into Solitude
1.7 Nothing but Death

Pilgrimage: Sigil Of The Pilgrim Sun


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