D'Rivera, Paquito: Tropicana Nights

Paquito D&
Title: Tropicana Nights
Label: Chesky Records

Leading an all-star Latin big band, Grammy Award winner Paquito d'Rivera unleashes the beloved music of his homeland, Cuba. Following in the tradition of Havana's immortal jazz orchestras, D'Rivera infuses his own styling's with mambo, son, danzon and bolero to create an essential musical document. Track list includes: "Mambo a La Kenton," "Chucho," "Cicuta Tibia," "Siboney," "Old Miami Sax," "Tropicana Nights," "Sustancia," "Como Fue," "El Coronel y Marina," "Mambo Inn," "A Mi Que / El Manisero"

1.1 Mambo a la Kenton
1.2 Chucho
1.3 Cicuta Tibia
1.4 Siboney
1.5 Old Miami Sax
1.6 Tropicana Nights
1.7 Sustancia
1.8 Como Fue
1.9 El Coronel y Marina
1.10 Mambo Inn
1.11 A Mi Que/El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)

D'Rivera, Paquito: Tropicana Nights

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