Papa Topo: Opalo Negro

Papa Topo: Opalo Negro
Title: Opalo Negro
Label: Elefant Spain

2016 release. Finally, the long-awaited full-length from Papa Topo is here, after almost three years of record-label silence. This period has allowed Adrià Arbona to let the group's new line-up settle, solidify, and develop it's own sound. Júlia Fandos (vocals, and flute), Òscar Huerta (guitars and backing vocals) and Sònia Montoya (bass and backing vocals) join Adrià to form the current reality of one of the groups that stirred up the music scene the most, at the beginning of the decade. These past three years, Papa Topo has participated on compilations, they have played songs in live performances halfway around the globe, and most of all, they have very carefully and affectionately prepared their long-awaited debut album. And now there is a blizzard of unknowns. How have the past three years affected such a young and promising song-writer like Adrià? Has the group's sound changed, and if so, how much? In a way, we can say totally and not at all. After having shown us his versatility, moving from sixties sounds to saba-daba-da, from garage to punk, from disco to the sweetest pop, it isn't going to surprise us at all to hear classical pieces, or boleros, on an album that doesn't completely forget what came before. But it's all much more cohesive; you can tell that there is more than just a songwriter at work behind it, that there is a solid band. In any case, we are once again looking at a super fun release that will delight new listeners and the most demanding fans alike.

1.1 Obertura
1.2 Opalo Negro
1.3 Chico de Plutón
1.4 Davall Ses Flors Des Taronger
1.5 Enero
1.6 Akelarre en Mi Salón
1.7 Sangre en los Zapatos (Mi Amor)
1.8 Lágrimas de Cocodrilo
1.9 Atormentada
1.10 Je Suis Un Monstre
1.11 El Balcón
1.12 Meteoritos en Hawaii
1.13 Quédate Cerca de MÍ
1.14 Joana

Papa Topo: Opalo Negro

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