Obtained Enslavement: Witchcraft

Obtained Enslavement: Witchcraft
Title: Witchcraft
Label: Peaceville

Reissue of the black metal masterpiece Witchcraft by the Norwegian faction Obtained Enslavement, originally released in 1997. 'Witchcraft' took things to a whole new level beyond the band's debut, featuring highly accomplished and expertly crafted melodic black metal compositions merged with symphonic elements and dark atmospherics in the vein of acts such as Emperor. 'Witchcraft' was recorded in 1996 at the infamous Grieghallen Studio in Bergen, by legendary producer Pytten, known for his work on countless black metal classics, including Mayhem's 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' opus, & Emperor's 'In the Nightside Eclipse'. Black Metal of the unmistakable, Norwegian kind paired with a touch of melody. Compulsory purchase for fans of Limbonic Art or Emperor.

1.1 Prelude Funebre
1.2 Veils of Wintersorrow
1.3 From Times in Kingdoms
1.4 Witchcraft
1.5 Warlock
1.6 Torned Winds from a Past Star
1.7 Carnal Lust
1.8 The Seven Witches
1.9 O'Nocturne

Obtained Enslavement: Witchcraft

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