Nucleus / Carr, Ian: Torrid Zone: Vertigo Recordings 1970-1975

Nucleus / Carr, Ian: Torrid Zone: Vertigo Recordings 1970-1975
Title: Torrid Zone: Vertigo Recordings 1970-1975
Label: Esoteric

Esoteric Recordings are proud to announce the release of a newly re-mastered 6CD clamshell boxed set anthology featuring all the recordings released by Vertigo Records by the legendary jazz-rock group Nucleus and their founder Ian Carr. "Torrid Zone - The Vertigo Recordings 1970 - 1975" features every track from the highly celebrated albums "Elastic Rock", "We'll Talk About It Later", "Solar Plexus", "Belladonna", "Labyrinth", "Roots", "Under The Sun", "Snakehips Etcetera" & "Alleycat", all newly re-mastered from the original Vertigo master tapes. The trumpeter and flugelhorn player Ian Carr was one of the most respected musicians of his era, a true pioneer who saw the potential in fusing the worlds of jazz with some of rock music's sensibilities. Tiring of the current forms in British jazz, Carr formed Nucleus in 1969, around the same time as Tony Williams was pursuing new paths with his band Lifetime and Miles Davis was experimenting on the album In a Silent Way. With saxophonist and keyboard player Karl Jenkins, drummer John Marshall, saxophonist Brian Smith, bassist Jeff Clyne and guitarist Chris Spedding, the first line-up of Nucleus signed to Vertigo records in late 1969 and recorded the ground-breaking album "Elastic Rock" in January 1970. The original album liner note stated the aims of the band thus; 'Nucleus is just what the word implies - a small, tightly knit group of musicians. We're all closely involved with each other musically, and some of us have played together in different contexts before, but this is the first time we've met to try and realise our common musical ideals. We see music as a continuous process and have tried to express this on the album. We mean continuous not simply in the physical sense of non-stop sets, but in the general sense that we don't recognise rigid boundaries, but try to use our total musical experience, whatever it may be'. This re-mastered 6 CD clamshell box set celebrates the vision and genius of Ian Carr and all the musicians associated with Nucleus During the period the band recorded it's most influential work. "Torrid Zone" features an illustrated booklet with an essay by writer Sid Smith and is a fine tribute an innovative force in British jazz.

1.1 1916
1.2 Elastic Rock
1.3 Striation
1.4 Taranki
1.5 Twisted Track
1.6 Crude Blues (Part One)
1.7 Crude Blues (Part Two)
1.8 1916 - the Battle of Boogaloo
1.9 Torrid Zone
1.10 Stonescape
1.11 Earth Mother
1.12 Speaking for Myself, Personally, in My Own Opinion, I Think
1.13 Persephone's Jive
1.14 Song for the Bearded Lady
1.15 Sun Child
1.16 Lullaby for a Lonely Child
1.17 We'll Talk About It Later
2.1 Oasis
2.2 Ballad of Joe Pimp
2.3 Easter 1916
2.4 Elements I ; II
2.5 Changing Times
2.6 Bedrock Deadlock
2.7 Spirit Level
2.8 Torso
2.9 Snakehips' Dream
3.1 Belladonna
3.2 Summer Rain
3.3 Remadione
3.4 May Day
3.5 Suspension
3.6 Hector's House
3.7 Origins
3.8 Bull Dance
3.9 Ariadne
3.10 Arena
4.1 Exultation
4.2 Naxos
4.3 Roots
4.4 Images
4.5 Caliban
4.6 Whapatiti
4.7 Capricorn
4.8 Odokamona
4.9 Southern Roots and Celebration
4.10 In Procession
4.11 The Addison Trip
4.12 Pastoral Graffiti
4.13 New Life
4.14 A Taste of Sasparilla
5.1 Theme 1 - Sasparilla
5.2 Theme 2 - Feast Alfresco
5.3 Theme 3 - Rites of Man
5.4 Rat's Bag
5.5 Alive and Kicking
5.6 Rachel's Tune
5.7 Snakehips Etcetera
5.8 Pussyfoot
5.9 Heyday
6.1 Phaideaux Corner
6.2 Alleycat
6.3 Splat
6.4 You Can't Be Sure
6.5 Nosegay

Nucleus / Carr, Ian: Torrid Zone: Vertigo Recordings 1970-1975

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