Node: Node Live

Node: Node Live
Title: Node Live
Label: Din Records

Synthesizer supergroup live recording at London's Royal College of Music. The four members of Node - maverick producer and sonic legend Flood, renowned producer & composer Ed Buller, classically trained Doctor of Music Dave Bessell and Hollywood film composer Mel Wesson - have a vast arsenal of vintage and modular synthesizers to draw upon. This is no mean task for a live performance, especially without the safety net of any backing tracks. Node brings forward huge pulsating walls of analog warmth that shift from delicate whispers to mind-numbing crescendos of noise, all at the whim of these improvising performers. "Node Live" includes edits of four tracks from this concert as well as a bonus piece from the rehearsals. This is a must for lovers of Berlin School inspired, sequencer music.

1.1 Shinkansen North
1.2 Perpetuum Mobile 1
1.3 Arrival
1.4 Shinkansen South
1.5 Perpetuum Mobile 2

Node: Node Live

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