Nihility: Thus Spoke The Antichrist

Nihility: Thus Spoke The Antichrist
Title: Thus Spoke The Antichrist
Label: Black Lion Records

Nihility is best described as a band that takes the best from both genres from groovy death metal to the more straightforward chilling sinister black metal riffs. The notoriously aggressive delivery of sound roots in death and black metal is the band's trademark. The lyrical content explores the definition of nihilism as a philosophy and a way of life, passing through the many different ways of nihilism, how it's understood and adjusts to everyday life and society as a whole. Nihility Will release their new album Thus Spoke The Antichrist in May 2019 CD/digital their debut album will surely spark nostalgia and please just about any extreme death black metal fan!

1.1 Indulge Self Restraint
1.2 Organic Fallacies
1.3 Shallow Ataraxia
1.4 Thus Spoke the Antichrist
1.5 Spirit of Contempt
1.6 Will to Nothingness
1.7 Abeyance of Own
1.8 Prophecy of Denial

Nihility: Thus Spoke The Antichrist

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