nearr: History Repeats Itself

Nearr: History Repeats Itself
Title: History Repeats Itself
Artist: nearr
Label: Jigsaw Recordings
UPC: 708527201749
Genre: Rock

After a few digital releases on the Beko label, we have the first "proper" album from nearr, a one-man recording project led by Eduard Tokuyev from Ukraine. And it's a beautiful example of lo-fi bedroom pop, that combines acoustic and electric guitars with keyboards and drum machines. Take the distant vocals of the Radio Dept., the stark but melodic guitar sound of "Seventeen Seconds"-era Cure and the overall feel of a Famous Boyfriend record, and you'll get an idea of what to expect here. The songs themselves have a theme of loneliness and longing, as is seemingly typical with bedroom pop of this type, but they aren't at all mopey. Eduard has dubbed this record the "closing release of his lo-fi era", so let's all look forward to what the band produces next!

1.1 17 Hours
1.2 Illusion
1.3 Forever
1.4 Same Here
1.5 Art of Being Flawless
1.6 Interlude
1.7 Borders
1.8 Lady Nurse
1.9 Red Waters
1.10 Feel My Love

nearr: History Repeats Itself


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