Walden, Narada Michael: Love Lullabies for Kelly 1

Narada Michael Walden: Love Lullabies for Kelly 1
Title: Love Lullabies for Kelly 1
Artist: Walden, Narada Michael
Label: Tarpan Records
UPC: 848928090488
Genre: Children's

Love Lullabies for Kelly was composed, arranged and recorded by Three Time Grammy winner, Emmy winning producer, songwriter and musician, Narada Michael Walden. Love Lullabies is a delight of the Heart that was inspired by the birth of Walden's first child, Kelly Estelle Zuzu Walden, on November 22, 2013. These 19 soothing instrumentals border on classical with a touch of pop and R&B. These songs are like a fresh breeze on a warm summer day providing a pleasant calming musical atmosphere for both parent and child. Intelligent yet simple music, created by a master musician, perfect for newborns, toddlers, parents, grandparents, youngsters and oldsters alike.

1.1 Song for Kelly
1.2 Queen of Cozy Land
1.3 Zenkat Rides the Rainbow
1.4 Luke Spaceman
1.5 Dream
1.6 Cool Papa (For the Night Shift Men)
1.7 Kate's Song (Honey Spade Presley)
1.8 Kitty Ding Ding Song
1.9 Sofia
1.10 Good Times Clarence
1.11 Grand Mama Peggy (Majestic Beauty!)
1.12 Big H Rides Again
1.13 Morning Has Broken
1.14 Ellen and Kelly Dance
1.15 Lullabies
1.16 Moe Moe ; Kelly
1.17 Kumbaya
1.18 Twinkle Twinkle
1.19 Tanya Love and Healing

Walden, Narada Michael: Love Lullabies for Kelly 1


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