Moby: Resound NYC [Crystal Clear 2 LP]

Moby: Resound NYC [Crystal Clear 2 LP]
Title: Resound NYC [Crystal Clear 2 LP]
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Product Type: VINYL LP

MOBY / RESOUND NYC - Moby's second album on Deutsche Grammophon following 2021's Reprise. Digging further into his catalog, Moby has reimagined fifteen of some if his most iconic tracks for his new album, Resound NYC. The album features tracks that he wrote between 1994-2010 while living in New York City, and the new versions feature a vibrant, brass-heavy sound. Resound NYC [Crystal Clear 2 LP]

1.1 In My Heart (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Gregory Porter
1.2 Extreme Ways (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. the Temper Trap
1.3 South Side (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Ricky Wilson
1.4 Flower (Find My Baby) (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Amythyst Kiah
2.1 In This World (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Nicole Scherzinger, Marisha Wallace
2.2 Helpless (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Margo Timmins, Damien Jurado
2.3 Signs of Love (Resound NYC Version)
2.4 The Perfect Life (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Ricky Wilson
3.1 When It's Cold I'd Like to Die (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. P.T. Banks
3.2 Slipping Away (Resound NYC Version)
3.3 Second Cool Hive (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Oum, Sarah Willis
3.4 Hyenas (Resound NYC Version)
4.1 Last Night (Resound NYC Version)
4.2 Run on (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Danielle Ponder, Elijah Ponder
4.3 Walk with Me (Resound NYC Version) - Feat. Lady Blackbird

Moby: Resound NYC [Crystal Clear 2 LP]

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