Doughty, Mike: Circles

Mike Doughty: Circles
Title: Circles
Label: Snackbar

Mike Doughty releases an album that finds him reinventing select songs originally performed by his former band, Soul Coughing. Doughty had famously eschewed the bands repertoire as he built a solo career in the years after their 2000 split. But now he's revisiting thirteen of these songs, including "Circles," "Super Bon Bon," and "Unmarked Helicopters" in an effort to explore this originally vision when he wrote them, and before they entered the dysfunctional fray of the band.

1.1 Sleepless
1.2 How Man Cans?
1.3 True Dreams of Wichita
1.4 Super Bon Bon
1.5 Mr. Bitterness
1.6 The Idiot Kings
1.7 Monster Man
1.8 Maybe I'll Come Down
1.9 Unmarked Helicopters
1.10 So Far I Have Not Found the Science
1.11 I Miss the Girl
1.12 Circles
1.13 St. Louise Is Listening

Doughty, Mike: Circles

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