Bloomfield, Michael: Don't Say That I Ain't Your Man

Michael Bloomfield: Don&
Title: Don't Say That I Ain't Your Man
Artist: Bloomfield, Michael
Label: Floating World
UPC: 805772630222
Genre: Rock

Bloomfield started out revering and sitting in with the gods of Chicago blues, then became one of the most accomplished blues guitarists of his time. These tracks from his 1964 Columbia sessions, from his work with Electric Flag, Paul Butterfield and Al Kooper and from his later solo recordings feature his most brilliant, soulful blues performances: "Last Night," "Feel So Good," "Goin' Down Slow," "Born in Chicago," "Work Song," "Killing Floor," "Albert's Shuffle," "Stop," "Mary Ann," "It Takes Time" and more! Floating World.

1.1 I've Got You in the Palm of My Hand
1.2 Last Night, Feel So Good
1.3 Goin' Down Slow
1.4 I've Got My Mojo Working
1.5 Born in Chicago (With Butterfield Blues Band)
1.6 Work Song (With Butterfield Blues Band)
1.7 Killing Floor
1.8 Albert's Shuffle
1.9 Stop, Mary Ann
1.10 Don't Throw Your Love on Me So Strong
1.11 Don't Think About It Baby
1.12 It Takes Time (With Nick Gravenites)
1.13 Carmelita Skiffle

Bloomfield, Michael: Don't Say That I Ain't Your Man


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