Bahleda, Mercedes / Kallos, Ferenz: Uma

Mercedes Bahleda: Uma
Title: Uma
Artist: Bahleda, Mercedes / Kallos, Ferenz
Label: White Swan
UPC: 717147016725
Genre: New Age

This 2017 collaboration by the inspired singer Mercedes Bahleda and composer Ferenz Kallos offers traditional Indian chants, Tibetan prayers and a rare translation from Arabic of the secret Jesus Mantra, Jesu Rabbani Elte Pros Mey. Cradled by the lush strings of Noah Hoffeld's cello and Ferenz on violin, Mercedes' heartbreaking vocals evoke an ancient time with this oldest of Christian prayers. Opera singer Jenna Karl guests on a gorgeously epic, 20-minute sadhana, Om Shanti, rich with airy flutes, deep strings and rolling harmonies over the steady drum of a heartbeat - opening a landscape of hope through this grand prayer of peace.

1.1 Om Shanti Sanskrit Mantra for Peace
1.2 Sky Dancer/Kancaoma Tibetan Prayer to Honor Vajra Yogini
1.3 Guru Mayaran Sanskrit Mantra to Honor the Teacher
1.4 The Jesus Mantra Greek Mantra to Honor Jesus Christ
1.5 Om Namo Guru Dev Namo Sanskrit Mantra to Honor the Teacher
1.6 Om Namo Bhagavati Sanskrit Mantra to Honor Lord Krishna
1.7 Om Shanti (Extended Version) Album Only Sanskrit Mantra for Peace

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Bahleda, Mercedes / Kallos, Ferenz: Uma


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