Meeka: Meeka & Her Cool Cousins

Meeka & Her Cool Cousins: Meeka & Her Cool Cousins
Title: Meeka & Her Cool Cousins
Label: CD Baby

Meeka's albums have won: Parents Choice Award, Childrens Music Web Awards, USA Songwriting Competition Best Childrens Song, ASCAP Songwriters Award... This project was actually conceived by a four-and-a-half year old girl named Meeka Saragina. After years of watching her father singing and recording in his home studio, she asked to make her own tape. The result...Four albums sung entirely by kids. At eight-years-old, Meeka was the youngest artist to ever sign a recording contract with Youngheart Music. Her cousins who sing on these songs come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds and ages, from one-and-a-half to nine years old. Besides being educational and instilled with a gentle morality, this is downright fun and exciting for both children and adults!! Co-written and co-produced by Meeka and her father, Art Halperin, these unique songs blend Caribbean-style rhythms and melodies with up-beat pop music. Art is a professional musician and award-winning-composer who has toured throughout the world and has written and recorded for a variety of national and international projects. ...What the critics say... Meeka is the Shirley Temple for the ...her star quality pops through as she deals with kids topics like running for the ice cream truck and treating bugs respectfully. * Lois Alter Mark-PARENTS CHOICE I saw the future of kids music and her name is Meeka * Dano-WNEW FM Radio, New York Meekas tape has charmed everyone in our family *Bill McCoy-Parents Magazine Meeka and Her Cool Cousins is the Sgt. Pepper of Childrens music...A great CD for the Meeka in all of us * Elvis & Elliot-Z100 Radio, New York These little performers are as charming as all get out *Lynne Heffley-LA Times These excellent songs get to the heart of childhood. This is more than a novelty recording. It holds up well to repeated listenings. *Rob Reid-School Library Journal Absolutely adorable very engaging for both adults and children, not to mention original. *Torrie Dorrell-Kid Rhino Meeka and Her Cool Cousins are back with one of the most enthusiastic and creative recordings of the year. Their true talent shines with hilarious patter, set-ups, and sound effects between and during songs. The production quality is first-rate. Kids of all ages will find this recording truly 'Cool.' *Eau Claire Public Library I have never heard a recording with kids having so much fun. It's got a life of it's will want to listen to it over and over just to be a part of it *Dave Z / The Carousel-WPKN FM, Conn. The songs by Meeka and her father have clever lyrics...a unique addition to any music collection *Andrea Greif-Gannett Newspapers.

1.1 Uh Oh
1.2 Ice Cream Truck
1.3 Dove
1.4 Duet
1.5 Telephone
1.6 You Say Whatever I Say
1.7 ABC Family
1.8 Tickle Time
1.9 Take the 'A Side' Train
1.10 B Side' Arrival
1.11 Sun Shines for All
1.12 Peter Peter
1.13 P.I.G
1.14 Patty Cake
1.15 Bugzzzzz
1.16 Shiney Penny
1.17 Stuck in the Belly
1.18 Lullaby
1.19 Taxi!! Taxi!!

Meeka: Meeka & Her Cool Cousins

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