Doppler, Max: Transmission

Max Doppler: Transmission
Title: Transmission
Label: CD Baby

Max Doppler interfaces electronic music and heavy rock. It is a two headed project that started 4 years ago. We paint dark sound pictures of events occuring in our personal lives (Memento Mori) as well as in the world out there (Kypck, Hey! You!, Money Addict). Our perception of the corporate life as well as of the industrial world is also depicted (Success, Ruhr).

1.1 Kypck
1.2 SM Story
1.3 The Snake
1.4 Ruhr
1.5 The Moth
1.6 Mindlust
1.7 Memento Mori
1.8 Hey! You!
1.9 Money Addict
1.10 Success
1.11 The Moth (Electric Version)

Doppler, Max: Transmission

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