Shipp, Matthew: Shipp, Matthew : I've Been to Many Places

Matthew Shipp: Shipp, Matthew : I&
Title: Shipp, Matthew : I've Been to Many Places
Artist: Shipp, Matthew
Label: Thirsty Ear
UPC: 700435720923
Genre: Jazz

This recording is meant as a reflection on where I have been in the music ?so I visit and revisit or should I say re-interpret many of the houses I have occupied. Of course this being a solo CD, the main focus is to make the piano come alive and to be a direct extension of my spirit-psyche and body. The piano here is vascular-cut it and it will bleed. When you listen to this recording you are directly listening to my brain waves and in some cases on this CD I feel I have transcended the instrument and am dealing with pure brain waves or let's say cosmic pulse-Matthew Shipp.

1.1 I've Been to Many Places
1.2 Summertime
1.3 Brain Stem Grammer
1.4 Pre-Formal
1.5 Web Play
1.6 Tenderly
1.7 Life Cycle
1.8 Brain Shatter
1.9 Symbolic Access
1.10 Waltz
1.11 Reflex
1.12 Naima
1.13 Where Is the Love?
1.14 Light Years
1.15 Where Is the Love? (Reprise)
1.16 Blue Astral Bodies
1.17 Cosmic Wave

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Shipp, Matthew: Shipp, Matthew : I've Been to Many Places


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