Maserati: Maserati Vii

Maserati: Maserati Vii
Title: Maserati Vii
Artist: Maserati
Label: Temporary Residence
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 656605319612
Genre: Alternative Rock

When Jerry Fuchs joined Maserati in 2004, he initiated a complete overhaul of the group: old songs were dropped, tempos were drastically sped up, and the budding psych-rock impulses of guitarists Coley Dennis and Matt Cherry were given room to grow. Beginning with the electrifying inventions For The New Season, Maserati were a better, faster, stronger beast. That spirit shines bright on Maserati VII, their first album conceived since Fuchs' passing. Maserati has an uncanny ability to toggle time back and forth between the past, present, and future - often in the span of one song. On Maserati VII, they're grounded and driven by new drummer Mike Albanese (Cinemechanica), whose dexterity and stamina prove a perfect fit for Maserati's trademark relentless, driving rhythms and epic song lengths, anchored by bass badass, Chris "Coach" McNeal. Maserati VII perfectly captures the essence and evolution of Maserati as face-melting, bone-rattling, ass-shaking Moroder Metal.

1.1 San Angeles
1.2 Martin Rev
1.3 The Eliminator
1.4 Flashback
1.5 Abracadabracab
1.6 Solar Exodus
1.7 Lunar Drift
1.8 Earth-Like
1.9 San Tropea

Maserati: Maserati Vii

Product-type:VINYL LP

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