Molino, Mario: Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Mario Molino: Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Title: Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Artist: Molino, Mario
Label: Cinedelic Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 8055323520188
Genre: Soundtrack

Limited vinyl LP pressing in glossy jacket including digital download. Mario Molino, one of the few composers/guitarists in the fascinating world of library music, created this original soundtrack for a documentary movie produced by RAI (the Italian national TV) that explores sci-fi environments. Molino enhanced the narrative by blending fuzzy, distorted and psychedelic sound with hammond, clavinet and electronic effects (played by himself) that converge in symphonic epochal moments. Of the eight tracks that make up the album, many are cosmic Krautrock moments. Inside was recorded in 1975 at the then renowned studies Fonit Cetra of Rome. “Tema spazio” introduces us to the ethereal galaxy before we dive into the mysterious stars of “Le pleiadi” where Molino’s prog rock begins to take shape in earnest with fuzzy guitar, drum breaks, deep bass and the orchestra to strengthen the melody with an approach similar to Luis Bacalov for New Trolls (“Concerto Grosso”) and Rovescio della Medaglia (“Contamination"), but with spatial inspiration. “Finale titoli” offers symphonic rock with some lurking blues undertones. At it’s most cosmic, the eight-minute-long “Tempesta” blooms into a crescendo of guitars and electro-analog effects.

1.1 Tema Spazio 2:31
1.2 Le Pleiadi 2:02
1.3 Cattura Satellite 1:52
1.4 Tecnologia Moderna 1A Parte 2:35
1.5 Finale Titoli 5:27
2.1 Tempesta 8:17
2.2 Tecnologia Moderna 2A Parte 4:44
2.3 Tema Spazio (Versione Archi) 2:29

Molino, Mario: Inside (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Product-type:VINYL LP

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