Ball, Marimo Green: Back to Strangers

Marimo Green Ball: Back to Strangers
Title: Back to Strangers
Label: CD Baby

Marimo Green Ball is a Rock/Jazz-Fusion/Pop trio based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The trio is powered by the voice of Josh Carney (who also doubles as the studio drummer and keyboardist), jazz-influenced guitarist and founder Yoshi Fukagawa, and funk-style bassist Aaron J. Lanning. The band's debut album, Back to Strangers, encompasses a broad mixture of Jazz-oriented Rock/Pop, Modern Rock, Latin-Jazz, Acoustic, and Fusion. The album consists of six vocal tracks and five instrumental tracks. In addition to the basic guitar/bass/drums/vocals instrumentation, the album also includes tracks recorded with a guest tenor saxophonist and a guest cellist. The band's name doesn't make much sense; however, 'Marimo' (Japanese) is the name of Yoshi's cat, which also translates to 'Green Moss Ball' in English. So the band's name really mean 'Green Ball Green Ball.' The band's name may be fun and quirky; however, Back to Strangers encompasses a wide spectrum of moods--tracks that are both fun and quirky, as well as emotional and full of heartache.

1.1 Back to Strangers
1.2 It's 20
1.3 Photostand
1.4 Keep on Trying
1.5 Better in the Forty
1.6 Unspoken
1.7 Rush Hour Traffic
1.8 Sweet Nightmare
1.9 Brazilian Breeze
1.10 Simple Song for You
1.11 Deep in My Heart

Ball, Marimo Green: Back to Strangers

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