Baker, Lynn: Lectrocoustic

Lynn Baker: Lectrocoustic
Title: Lectrocoustic
Label: Oa2

For his second OA2 release saxophonist Lynn Baker looked to Weather Report Joe Cocker Steve Coleman McCoy Tyner and even the O'Jays for inspiration creating a variety of contemporary compositions and grooves to explore with his electric/acoustic group. Pianist-keyboardist Eric Gunnison bassist Bijoux Barbosa drummer Paul Mullikin and Baker have been musical teammates for years making any conceptual path they decide to explore seem like a very fine idea. ... a captivating sense of sophistication... high expectations are not disappointed; connect with the message the content will be appeased.

1.1 Troubled Penn
1.2 One for Billy
1.3 Cocker
1.4 Home of the Whopper
1.5 Secrets Untold
1.6 Out Swingin'
1.7 Slow Blow
1.8 PMDC Blues
1.9 Mac Coy

Baker, Lynn: Lectrocoustic

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