Ainsworth, Lydia: Sparkles & Debris (Ruby Red Vinyl)

Lydia Ainsworth: Sparkles & Debris (Ruby Red Vinyl)
Title: Sparkles & Debris (Ruby Red Vinyl)
Label: Zombie Cat Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Lydia Ainsworth's latest album Sparkles & Debris reflects her usual composer's mindset and instinct for idiosyncratic melodies and structures. It also marks a departure from the more solitary creative process that her previous releases were born from. The record blends live drums, guitars and bass with her signature vast electronic landscapes, samples, programming and voice to create the record's sonic tapestry. "Longing seems to be a major theme running through my songs on this album," says Ainsworth. "Whether that is longing in love, longing to be free from oppression, or longing for the muse of inspiration to make an appearance. I have included some spells and charms in there as well that have proven effective, if any of my listeners want to use them for help with their own desires."

1.1 Parade
1.2 Forever
1.3 Cosmic Dust
1.4 Sparkles ; Debris
1.5 Cake
1.6 Halo of Fire
1.7 Good Times
1.8 Love Charm
1.9 Amaryllis
1.10 Queen of Darkness
1.11 All I Am

Ainsworth, Lydia: Sparkles & Debris (Ruby Red Vinyl)

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