Lucky Dube: Serious Reggae Business

Lucky Dube: Serious Reggae Business
Title: Serious Reggae Business
Label: Shanachie

South Africa's #1 reggae star is the best-selling reggae artist alive today (the key word is "alive"). This "best of" collection features his signature hits as well new recordings and alternate versions of select tunes. The enhanced portion of this CD includes four minutes of interviews and video footage. Key tracks include the single/video "I Want to Know What Love Is" (originally Foreigner's) and a version of the Scooby Doo theme song entitled "Doobie Doobie Dube, Where Are You?" the song goes on to explain how Lucky Dube needs "doobie snacks" when his doobies give him the munchies. Then again, I could be making all this up.

1.1 Mr DJ
1.2 Feel Irie
1.3 Together As One
1.4 Slave
1.5 Steel Bars
1.6 Prisoner
1.7 Reggae Strong
1.8 Oh My Son (I'm Sorry)
1.9 Remember Me
1.10 I Want to Know What Love Is
1.11 House of Exile
1.12 Peace Perfect Peace
1.13 Victims
1.14 I've Got You Babe
1.15 It's Not Easy
1.16 Different Colours/One People
1.17 Back to My Roots

Lucky Dube: Serious Reggae Business

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