LongShot: Love Is For Losers

Longshot: Love Is For Losers
Title: Love Is For Losers
Artist: LongShot
Label: The Longshot
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 896710998764
Genre: Rock

Vinyl LP pressing. The LongShot, the punk-inflected power pop side-project masterminded by Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and rounded out by Green Day touring guitarist Jeff Matika on bass, Kevin Preston on guitar and David S. Field on drums, first surfaced in February 2018, followed by the sudden release of a three-song EP in early April. The group quickly issued the fun and freewheeling full-length Love Is for Losers digitally in April which makes it's vinyl debut here. Free of the massive expectations that come with his day job, Love Is for Losers and cuts like "Taxi Drive," "Love Is for Losers" and "Chasing a Ghost" find Armstrong and Co. Playing straight-up pop-inspired rock with classic rock and country influences as prevalent as the punk.


LongShot: Love Is For Losers

Product-type:VINYL LP

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