Williams, Leona: Yes Ma'am He Found Me in a Honky Tonk

Leona Williams: Yes Ma&
Title: Yes Ma'am He Found Me in a Honky Tonk
Label: Bear Family

Contains 82 classic country tracks, including her top ten hit duet with Merle Haggard, The Bull And The Beaver!Includes many previously unreleased recordings and a 'lost' album produced by Tompall Glaser!Contains a biography based on extensive personal interviews!48-page booklet with many rare photos from Leona Williams' personal collection and a detailed discography!Some colleagues and friends about Leona Williams:'Leona Williams is a great singer. She sings with a lot of soul. I know her family must be very proud of this Bear Family box set. I wish her a lot of happiness and success.' - Willie Nelson'When I listen to Leona Williams sing it goes right to my heart; I can feel every emotion that she puts in a song. In my opinion Leona Williams is one of the greatest songwriters of our time. My only regret is that I don't get to see her enough, but when I do it's an honor to be in her presence. I am so excited because I'd like to do a whole damn album of her songs, even though I am a little scared I couldn't do them justice, but guess what?.... I'm gonna try!' - Tanya Tucker'Leona Williams.... The purest voice this side of the Mississippi and beyond! Skillfully crafts songs from a woman who has lived through the lyrics she writes. My heart-felt thanks for creating this traditional country music collection! I love your music and the honesty it brings.' - Rhonda Vincent'Leona Williams is the greatest female country singer that has ever stepped up to a microphone. She can make a grown man cry with her sad songs. I love the lady and her music. What a nice lady!' - George Jones'Leona will always be one of my very favorite people in the world. She was the first artist that ever thought enough of one of my songs to record it. And that feeling of having one of your own songs recorded by someone else has lasted a lifetime.' - Vince Gill

1.1 Dear Eloise
1.2 A Woman's Man
1.3 Ten Minutes Till Heartaches
1.4 Broadminded
1.5 I Just Wanted You to Be Proud of Me
1.6 I Narrowed This Triangle (Down to Two)
1.7 Papa's Medicine Show
1.8 I Want Some More of This
1.9 Once More
1.10 If I'd Only Listened to Mama and Dad
1.11 This Ain't a Home No More
1.12 They'll Never Take His Love from Me
1.13 Just Because of You
1.14 The Circle of Friends
1.15 When I Stop Dreaming
1.16 Baby, We're Really in Love
1.17 Watch Her Go
1.18 Yes, Ma'm (He Found Me in a Honky Tonk)
1.19 Babe, Just for You
1.20 So Goes My World
1.21 Somewhere Inside
1.22 The Old Place Is Gone
1.23 Listen Spot
1.24 He's Just You Made Over
1.25 Country Girl with Hot Pants on
1.26 Country Music in My Soul
1.27 Since I'm Not with the One I Love (I'll Love the One I'm with)
1.28 The Boys and Lucy Brown
1.29 A Gentleman on My Mind
1.30 Tom Lucus
1.31 A Woman's Life Is More Than Just a Man
1.32 Happy Anniversary, Baby
2.1 Out of Hand
2.2 Ain't That Fine
2.3 How Great Thou Art
2.4 Cheese Cake and Apple Pie
2.5 Your Shoeshine Girl
2.6 I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore
2.7 I'd Rather Die (Loving Him)
2.8 I Can't Tell My Heart That
2.9 I Spent a Week There Last Night
2.10 Anything Goes (Til Everything's Gone)
2.11 It's Tearing This Ole Heart Right Out of Me
2.12 Everybody Loves Me But You
2.13 A Lifetime to Forget
2.14 You Don't Love Me Like You Mean It
2.15 Just Like a Prayer
2.16 Hey I'm Somebody (Not Just a Body)
2.17 For All I Know
2.18 There's More Love in the Arms You'll Be Leavin'
2.19 Shape Up or Ship Out
2.20 I Wonder Where I'll Find You at Tonight
2.21 If Anyone Ought to Know
2.22 I Want to Live Again
2.23 That Lonely Unloved Wife Look
2.24 Mama, I've Got to Go to Memphis
2.25 Window Up Above
2.26 Rockin' Rollin' Stoned
2.27 Bright Morning Light
2.28 The Bull and the Beaver
2.29 I'm Getting' High
3.1 The Baby Song
3.2 Call Me Crazy Lady
3.3 Good Nights Make Good Mornings
3.4 He Took Care of Me
3.5 Yes Ma'am
3.6 Any Port in a Storm
3.7 Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee
3.8 Touch and Go
3.9 I Can't Break the Habit
3.10 I Barely Am Getting By
3.11 Catching Crawfish
3.12 Aberdeen
3.13 Why Be a Dreamer
3.14 Midnight Blue
3.15 The Good Times Are Ready to Come
3.16 My Heart Has Finally Said Goodbye
3.17 Guitar Pickin' Song
3.18 You Put Out An Old Flame Last Night
3.19 We've Had Some Good Times
3.20 North Alabama
3.21 Too Close to Home
3.22 The Bridge That Got Me Over Him

Williams, Leona: Yes Ma'am He Found Me in a Honky Tonk

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